Philosophy of Wakazamurai

Wakazamurai means ď young warrior ď and also it means fullfilling honourable deeds. Wakazamurai warrior is a good, hearted , generous , and a helpfull person. Itís vitally impordant not to use force to the weak and peer.

Wakazamurai warrior searches for wisdom. He is modest and sober to the people around him.
Wakazamurai warrior does martial arts in a peaceful country because the founder
( Soke Sefik Gulten ) says a Wakazamurai warrior can fight when it is time to fight and he can be gentle when it is time to be gentle.
Therefore Wakazamurai offers a reliable and respectful way of life.
It teaches us to love human leind , to be respectful to the others. Wakazamurai warrior use his physical power when there is no other way aut.

Soke/Kancho ( Grandmaster ) Sefik Gulten Founder of Wakazamurai 10th Dan